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Posted on: January 15, 2008 2:16 pm

Zona Roster Breakdown: Centers


Jordan Hill: He's an animal. Hill is a phenomenal offensive player who keeps getting better every week. He's clearly the most improved player for Arizona over the last 2 years. His range has expanded to 10', he's got a nice hook shot, and can certainly finish with authority. He plays hard every game, and is a good rebounder. Defensively he is great in the post, but seems lost when away from the basket. He can't defend someone driving to the basket, which is fine. T ypically you want your center near the basket ready to block shots and grab rebounds, and that's what Hill does best.

I'm half tempted to leave the center breakdown at that, because of who is left... but I can't...

Kirk Walters: Once touted as the next great UofA center Walters carreer was ultimately halted because of mono last year. Walters has never fully recovered, and was probably better his freshman year than this year. He is constantly lost on both ends of the floor and frequently makes foolish mistakes. He can make the occassional shot, block one if he happens to be in the right place, and provides height to the roster. Outside of that he doesn't move well without the ball, and doesn't read offensive motion for the other team to get into to optimal spot for a block or a rebound. I can't wait until next year when he's not wasting a roster or scholarship for this team.

Alex Jacobson: Beats me. He's redshirting his freshman year, so I haven't gotten to see anything from him. He's taller than Walters, and couldn't possibly be any worse. I would perfer to see him play than Walters. However, Walters doesn't have any redshirts available. Which is okay by me. The only thing I know about Jacobson is that he averaged 10 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 blocks his sophomore year of high school.  But since he'sa redshirt there's not much point in doing any more research than that.

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