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PAC-10 Power Rankings (Pre-Conference)

There are still a few non-conference games remaining for the PAC-10 before the conference action begins this weekend. But most of the games are quite insignificant, and likely won't have much bearing on my rankings anyhow. Without furture ado, here are my PAC-10 Power Rankings heading into conference play.

  1. UCLA: Despite early struggles, they are a solid team with Collison at the helm. That three-guard lineup of Collison, Shipp, and Holiday is the best in the conference and enough to give any team fits.
  2. Arizona : They have a few ugly losses, but they have the best win in the conference (over Gonzaga). The Big Three are carrying a lot of the load and they have been getting help from unexpected talent. The youth is a concern.
  3. CAL: I said before the season, they are a surprise team to watch out for. Montgomery almost has you forgetting that they lost Ryan Anderson to the NBA. They're a great shooting team with a lot of long-range weapons.
  4. ASU: They've only got one loss, but that's not indicative of their struggles against a soft schedule. Harden is a beast that will carry this team far, but he's going to need a lot more help against the PAC-10.
  5. USC: Their record is padded because of their OOC schedule. DeRozan has performed well, but he's not even scratching Mayo numbers yet. They've got a few scorers and an average defense.Look for a loss or two in the second week of conference play.
  6. Stanford: They played a light OOC schedule, only eight games, but they won them all. With one of the wins coming over Santa Clara, they have done enough to deserve this spot for now. Their lacking frontcourt will cost them this spot... soon.
  7. Washington: Brockman is finally getting some offensive help, and a bit more muscle down low as well. They'll be moderately successful in PAC-10 play because of their interior size alone. They still need Pondexter to step it up another notch.
  8. Washington State: They got blasted by a couple of top-tier programs in non-conference play. I understand that the deliberate offense reduces points, but to only have three guys in double-digits (and just barely) isn't good. They need someone to step up and be a scoring threat in the worst kind of way.
  9. Oregon: They are a young team without a signature win, and some ugly losses. Ernie Kent will be on the hot seat if he can't get his freshmen to perform and fast. Don't sleep on Oregon though, they have the talent, just lack experience - and that's a great recipe for a second-half surge.
  10. Oregon State: Any surprise that they are here? With losses to Howard, Nevada, Yale, Montana State, and Iowa State it's not looking good that they'll pick up a win any time soon. The new coach has a huge task in front of him, maybe his brother-in-law can use some of that Senate Seat Money to buy off a couple refs for him. Just kidding, but seriously - it looks like they may go two straight seasons without a conference win. That's BAD!
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Arizona vs. Weber State Preview

Arizona vs. Weber State

There have been a lot of teams with a frontcourt filled with squat thick bodies, but not many with the defensive or offensive capabilities to challeng Hill in Arizona's OOC schedule. Weber State is no exception to this rule. The tallest listed player for Weber State is 6-9 and tallies in at a whoppin 240 pounds.

Weber State is yet another guard-heavy team that looks to spread the floor with three-point shooting. Damian Lillard, Nick Hansen, Kyle Bullinger, Kellen McCoy, and Davilin Davis are all capable three-point shooters. Their offense will look to get the three-ball going as they are averaging over 17 attempts per game. Their hope is that they will be able to stretch the floor and get more isolated situations for their leading scorer Steve Panos.

While Weber State's shooting abilities are respectable, they are far from a polished team. Despite having 7 scholarship upper-classmen they are averaging 16.9 turnovers/game while only forcing 12.1. The disturbing thing about that is that they are averaging barely 10 assists/game leaving them with an a/to ratio of under 1.

Considering the youth on Arizona's squad, even if they are a better team with more individual talent, athleticism, and shooting prowess, Weber State has an opportunity, albeit a slim one, to make this more interesting than it should be. Arizona needs to prepare and come to play. This game is a proving ground for the Wildcats as it is the final game heading into PAC-10 play.

Keys to the Game:

1. Perimeter Defense: This is the biggest issue of this game. With nearly 40% of Weber State's shots coming from beyond the arc, defending it will effectively restrict and slow down nearly half their offensive game plan.
Lay the foundation (for a brick house): Contest the open threes, and limit opportunities. Force Weber State to shoot less than 35%.

2. Play Hard, play smart: Arizona has had some mental lapses following big games or big spurts during games. Arizona needs to treat Weber State like they're Gonzaga or Kansas and play hard every possession. Value each possession - both offensive and defensive.
Feel the Pressure: Force Weber State into 17 to while remaining under or around Arizona's average of 11.

3. Bench Support: This should be a nice, easy game for the 'Cats before PAC-10 play begins on January 2nd. Get your bench some extra playing time and your stars some extra rest.
Bag(ga) 'Em!: Limit the 'Big 3' to a max of 30 minutes each. Set yourself up for a position where David Bagga gets some PT!

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Arizona's Greatest Non-Conference Rivalry

Wildcats vs. Jayhawks

So after folding in Vegas, Arizona turns past a rivalry that's trying to be rejuvinated - especially by a few moronic UNLV fans - to one of College Basketball's greatest non-conference rivalries. Both Arizona and Kansas have two days to prepare for the 2008 rendition of this PAC-10/Big-12 rivalry.

Arizona and Kansas have met up 8 times in the past 12 years, and four times the loser's season has ended when the final horn blew. In 1997 the fourth-seeded Wildcats upset the first-seeded Jayhawks 85-82. Two years later, Kansas returned the favor by bouncing the high-hoped 'Cats 78-75.

Currently Kansas holds a 5 game to 3 game edge over the 'Cats even though Kansas averages 80 points per contest, while Arizona averages 81. That one point differential is far more indicative as to the calibur of these games. There have been multiple games where the victor has come from behind 20+ points. Kansas' largest victory in this span has been 8, while Arizona's largest is 17. Kansas won the matchup last season 76-72 at Allen Fieldhouse.

The Jayhawks are starting over again this year following a National Championship and mass exodus of seniors graduating or stars making the jump to the NBA. Even though they are a long way off from the ability to defend their crown in the Final Four, Kansas is still potent and a border-line Top 25 team, despite the "down" year.

Arizona is a year removed from the Kevin O'Neill fiasco, and the absence of Lute Olson on the sidelines alters this rivalry significantly. The 'Cats are down further than the Jayhawks are, but have a great win over the then fourth-ranked Gonzaga Bulldogs. Both of the teams' chemistry, makeup, and reliance upon freshmen and sophomores taking on new roles means this should be yet another great matchup.

Led by Junior Poing Guard Sherron Collins, the Jayhaks will return to Arizona for the first time since December of '01, when they won 105-97. Collins is a dynamic point guard who is leading the team in assists (4.8) and points (17.9). Kansas runs a 3 guard lineup with Tyshawn Taylor and sharp shooting Brady Morningstar on the wings. Meanwhile  they have plenty of depth in the frontcourt with Cole Aldrich averaging a double-double, and Marcus Morris an Markieff Morris slammin bodies around down low.

As a unit Kansas is very good. Offensively they are averaging just over 80 points a game with good shooting and great ball movement. Their turnovers are a bit high, but have done a nice job of forcing their opponents into +2.5 topg. Kansas also holds a 9.9 rebounding edge as the team as a unit goes after missed shots. Make no mistake about it, Kansas is good, but they have a lot of inexperienced and unproven players as well.

Nic Wise and the front court are going to have their hands full again with Collins - who did not play against the 'Cats last season - and the versatility of Kansas' guards. This should be a great game, hopefully Arizona's Jekyll and Hyde season will show us Jekyll come Tuesday.

Keys to the Game:

1. Budinger's Revenge: Last year K.O failed to draw up an effective last-second play for Budinger at the end of regulation, and despite his 27 points on the night, Kansas walked away with the win.
Budinger: 25+ points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 or fewer turnovers

2. Stand Tall: Jordan Hill absolutely must stay out of foul trouble in this game. Last year he played 24 minutes and scored 5 points because of foul trouble. Kansas' front court is big and strong, Hill has to play smart.
Hill: 15+ points, 14+ rebounds, 35+ minutes

3. Key Stat - A/TO: Kansas is forcing teams into over 16 turnovers a game, whereas Arizona opponents are only turning it over around 11 times. This stat line could very well be the biggest indicator for who wins the game.
Protection Program: Tally 15+ assists while holding a -4 turnover differential.

4. Use that booty!: Kansas holds a 9.9 rebounding advantage over their opponents this season. Jordan Hill, Jamelle Horne, and everyone else is going to have to crash the boards hard and get their butt into people when the shot goes up.
Windex Men: Outrebound Kansas by 4 or more.

5. Redemption: After beating Gonzaga a week ago, Arizona looks past UNLV to the Kansas game and loses ugly. They need another big win to redeem themselves and keep on track for an at-large bid. There is no stat line to measure here, but Pennell has to have these kids focused and ready to play from tip-off to final horn. He has to make the right adjustments at the right time, and keep from making coaching mistakes against Bill Self.

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Week Preview: Gonzaga & UNLV

Okay, so I screwed up and didn't do a preview for Gonzaga on my blog. My bad. Check out the Arizona - Gonzaga thread that AZCATSFAN started, and the post game thread that was started for my thoughts on that game. Sorry 'bout not getting it on here before the game.

After upsetting the fourth-ranked Gonzaga Bulldogs in Phoenix, the Wildcats now travel to Las Vegas to face off against UNLV. I for one, am worried about an emotional let down leading to the 'Cats getting upset by the Rebels. Arizona has to remain focused and intent upon their game plan because while UNLV isn't a great team, or as good as they have been in previous years, they are still a proud team with a strong home-court advantage. The Rebels are currently 8-2 with both losses (CAL & Cincy) coming at home.

The Rebels are a guard-propelled team that is a surprisingly good rebounding team despite their lack of height. But everything else about them is merely average in every regard. They give up 64 points a game while scoring 71. They shoot around 40% from the field, 30% from beyond the arc, and 67% from the charity stripe.  There isn't a single aspect of their game that makes you go "look out."

But they quietly put together solid efforts because as a unit they are a team that does the "little things" that can often be the deciding factor in a close game.

The Rebels are led by PG Wink Adams who averages 14.2 ppg, has taken nearly 1/3 of the Rebels free throws this season, but is a poor shooter from the field, currently shooting .163 from beyond the arc.Rene Rougeau and Tre'Von Willis are averaging 10.1 points a piece and are tied for second on the leading scorers board, and fill the SG and SF position.  Neither one is spectacular beyond the arc, but Rougeau crashes the boards (averaging nearly 6 a game).

'Cats Keys:

  1. Make 'em shoot: Force Adams, Rougeau and Willis into taking long jumpshots as they are better around the rim and aren't pure shooters. Limit points in the paint to fewer than 16.
  2. Third times a charm: Get the ball to Hill - again. Hill should reach 20 points for the third consecutive game against the smaller Rebels.
  3. Come ready: Jump UNLV from the start. Score 15-20 points in the first 10 minutes.
  4. Play Smart: Arizona is the better team in this game, but if they play careless or unmotivated they are sitting ducks. Limit turnovers to 12 or fewer, or have a TO difference of -4.


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Week Preview: Loyola-Marymount, Texas A&M

Starting this week for the remainder of the season I am going to do a Weekly Preview for the Wildcats up-coming games for the week. It will be posted weekly at least one day prior to the 'Cats' first game.



Arizona enters the week after defeating Mississippi Valley State, Santa Clara, and Northern Arizona, with Loyla Marymount & Texas A & M on the radar for this week. Loyola-Marymount should be the final tuneup game before things start getting serious as Texas A & M is arguably better than any team Arizona has faced yet this year. The same could be said, that Arizona is the best team Texas A&M has played this year. Look for at least a split, with a good chance of an upset road win over Texas A&M.

Game One: Arizona (4-1) hosts Loyola-Marymount (0-6)

The winless Loyola-Marymount Tigers face Arizona with a tremendously depleted roster. Vernon Teel, who leads the team in points, rebounds, and assists, is out with a broken foot. The loss of Teel's 15.3 ppg is spells big trouble for the Tigers who only average 54 points while surrendering 68 a game. The Tigers will look for Corey Counts to step up in a big way, though with only a 8 active scholarship players it won't likely mean much. If Arizona doesn't walk away with a blow-out win in this game there could be serious trouble brewing.

Keys for the Game:

  • Exploit LMU's 17 turnovers/game
  • Don't screw up.
  • Get the starters out of the game as early as possible.

Game Two: Arizona at Texas A&M (5-1)

Texas A&M is a borderline Top 25 team this year, though they have done little to prove it as they haven't beaten anyone significant but have a glaring loss against Tulsa (4-2). Arizona fans should feel confident about getting the road win against the Aggies as Arizona defeated them 78-67 last season and the Aggies have lost 3 of their top 6 scorers. It will be anything but a cake walk, though, as the Aggies run out a very experieinced lineup starting 4 juniors and 1 senior, and play 9 deep. The Aggies are fueled by PG Donald Sloan, SF Josh Carter, and PF Bryan Davis.

This is going to be a hard fought game between two evenly matched teams, especially since experience is on the side of the Aggies. Jordan Hill, Chase Budinger, and Nic Wise are going to have to play smart basketball by avoiding foul trouble and careless shots and turnovers. If Arizona can steal the road win it is going to say a lot for the quality of this team, even if it is young.

Keys for the Game:

  • Contest Shots: Limit the Aggies to under 45% even if it means sending them to the charity stripe now and then as they are a poor free throw shooting team.
  • Shot Selection: Attack the basket and get to the line for 20 FT attempts, but don't force a bad shot if it's not there.
  • Avoid freshmen mistakes: The inexperience could play a factor, turnovers need to be limited to 12 or fewer.
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Arizona Wildcats '08-'09 Preview

Arizona Wildcats

Head Coach: Mike Dunlap
Last Season’s Results: Conf. 9-11 (6th), Overall 19-15. Post Season:  NCAA Tournament


Chances are, if you read this in previous days/weeks you will want to reread it. I had to change the outlook when Lute Olson suddenly announced retirement due to health issues (primarily a stroke which inhibited his ability to coach). Now, with the announcement of freshman center Jeff Withey transferring things look completely different for the Wildcats yet again.

Backcourt: Arizona looks as though they will start Nic Wise, Chase Budinger, and Jamelle Horne on the perimeter with Brandon Lavender and Kyle Fogg coming off the bench. With that lineup it should be very reminiscent to the ‘06-’07 team that featured Budinger, Marcus Williams, and Mustafa Shakur. Budinger should have a career year as he becomes the go-to guy this year.

Horne looks to benefit the most with Arizona not having a proven point guard, and additional help in the front court as he will mostly play SF now instead of PF. Horne is athletic, quick, and has a much better game than the impression he gave last year thanks to lack of PT. Because of the lack of depth in the frontcourt, Horne could see plenty of time at the PF position with either Brandon Lavendar or Kyle Fogg taking some time on the wings as Arizona would look to go small and hopefully gain an advantage.

Frontcourt: Jordan Hill will once again feature Arizona’s frontcourt. He’s made significant strides every year at Arizona, and never at his natural power forward position. Unfortunately, that will be the case again this year with the sudden departure of Jeff Withey. The ‘Cats are hoping that Hills foul troubles from last season will diminish, and need them to with only 4 front court players on the roster, and only Hill and Onobun expected to contribute significant minutes.

Chances are because of the leadership that Onobun provides and his solid efforts he will start. Once again Hill will be shifted out of his natural power forward position to center with Onobun taking the power forward rolde.

Bench: Kyle Fogg and Brandon Lavendar and Zane Johnson will be the first players off the bench, as Arizona will run a 4 guard lineup a lot this year due to the lack of depth in the frontcourt. As Arizona looks to their bench Budinger and Horne will likely see time at power forward until Alex Jacobson and Darnell Shumpert prove to be viable options - if they ever prove to be.

Key Departures: Jerryd Bayless and Jawann McClellan both said their farewells to the Wildcats after last season. Bayless was the leading scorer, and the leader on the team. While McClellan was inconsistent last year as well as his entire carreer. Both were starters and impact players for the 'Cats though.

 Arizona's biggest loss came from the bench though. Lute Olson has officially retired leaving a wake of decommitted recruits (both last year and this coming year). More interesting is that the entire coaching staff is new this year. No more Josh Pastner to develop talent like Jordan Hill. No more Bozo the Clown...err Kevin O'Neill to swear at players, coaches, refs, and fans alike. No more iconic alumn with no real coaching talent in Miles Simon. It's a new class of coaches - maybe one that can help bring the 'Cats along until next year.

Key Recruits:

SG- Brendon Lavender unranked - Another Mountain View (same school that produced Richard Jefferson). This kid exploded from his Sophomore (4.3 ppg) to his Senior  (21.0 ppg) year in high school. Olson is betting that that kind of dramatic growth will continue. Expect to see him in the starting lineup at some point this season because of Arizona’s need for a true SG and how well he fits into Olson’s system.

SG- Kyle Fogg #40 SG - A quick guard with the ability to shoot the three and some ability to create his own shot.
*Click on recruit names that are linked for their highlight video.

Strengths: Arizona returns a good portion of its offense from last year in Chase Budinger, Jordan Hill, and Nic Wise.  Budinger and Hill will headline the season for the ‘Cats as both are the best in the conference at their position and will likely wind up as lottery or first round picks in the NBA draft.

Weaknesses: Arizona’s defense has been unacceptable the last few seasons, and now with an undersized point guard, in Nic Wise, Arizona will continue to have trouble applying pressure on the perimeter. Arizona still has a huge question mark in regards to shooting guard. They are lacking one more player who can create their own shot any time they want. Their bench is also terribly thin.

Key Dates:
Dec. 5 @ Texas A&M
Dec 14 vs. Gonzaga @ America West Arena
Dec 23 vs. Kansas
Jan 15 @ USC
Jan 17 @ UCLA
Jan 21 Arizona State

 Typically success is easily measured for the Wildcats: Beat ASU and UCLA, win the PAC-10 title, win 20 plus games, finish in the Top 25, and reach the Sweet 16.  Arizona failed to accomplish any of those feats last season and looks to return to their winning ways with more questions than answers. Now Arizona's measuring stick has to change for the foreseeable future. A successful season for these 'Cats will be to remain out of the PAC-10's cellar. It will be about player development, and simply avoiding getting blown out by UCLA and other perrenial power houses.

Arizona has already faced more obstacles this season than most teams face all year, and they've yet to play in their first game. Nic Wise, Jordan Hill, and Chase Budinger will lead this team. Can they overcome the obstacles and bring the young guys up to speed? It would be a pleasant surprise for Tucson and a wonderful gift for Coach Olson. They've got pride and tradition, but it's going to take a lot more than that to continue the NCAA Tournament streak.

Projected Finish: Sixth in the PAC-10

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PAC-10 Preview 02/07/2008

Arizona & Arizona State: Rivalry matchup!!! ASU continues to spiral downward, desperately looking for a win. At this point, where they've dropped 5 straight, I think even an emotional win would be warmly welcomed as they try to salvage the rest of their season in anyway possible. They have to travel to Tucson to face the Wildcats, who prior to their matchup with UCLA were the hottest team in the conference shooting over 50% from the field over a 4 game stretch. After being embarrassed on national television Arizona will be looking to make someone pay. They've likely found the next best candidate, to Oregon State, in ASU. Last month it took ASU a come from behind OT to get a meager 5 point win in Tempe without Bayless on the floor for Arizona. I expect to see this one get ugly quick and Arizona will run away with a big win over the stumbling Sun Devils.

California: After coming off a road trip where they swept the Washington schools, CAL has to feel pretty confident as they host the Oregon schools this week. They should make short work of Oregon State on Thursday night before having to face the Ducks on Saturday. The second game of the week will prove to be a high-flyin' uptempo shoot out as CAL and OU are both primarily offense-minded teams. Should be a great matchup, but Oregon has too many weapons to be slowed down. Being the worst defensive team in the conference, CAL better hope for an off night by OU.

Oregon: Coming off a big win against their rivals Oregon has a tough week ahead. They'll have to travel to the Bay area to face Stanford and CAL. Stanford is a clear-cut #2 in the conference, and are a force on both ends of the floor. Oregon is going to have to look to run if they want to win this one. Just like last time they'll have to get the score into the low 70's. The slow-down game will favor Stanford tremendously. They'll go from a tough defeinsive team to facing a great offensive team fueled by Ryan Anderson in CAL. Both games will ultimately come down to Oregon's ability to force the tempo and get a lot of production out of Malik Hairston.

Oregon State: They'll face the Bay area schools this weekend as well while hunting for their first conference win. Doubt they'll get it this weekend. Can't we just replace these guys with the Harlem Globetrotters or something?!

Southern Cal: USC has come to life recently having snapped out of their early conference schedule slump. They should have an easy time with inconsistent, and short handed Washington. The real match-up will be a defensive battle with Washington State. WSU has been struggling lately, so USC has the opportunity to pull off a big upset this week to keep competetive for the #2 spot in the conference. Should be interesting, but it's going to depend on whether or not WSU can snap out of their funk. If they do, USC doesn't stand much of a chance.

Stanford: They'll play host to the Oregon schools this week, and look to win 6 and 7 straight. Stanford is the most consistent team in the conference so far this season, and the only team to notch 5 straight conference wins. They'll be challenged this week by Oregon, who beat them in their previous show down. Stanford will need to slow the game down and force it inside to Brook Lopez. Stanford should continue their winning streak with a sweep this weekend.

UCLA: They made short order of the Arizona schools last week, and they are the standout team in the conference. They'll look to protect their 1 game conference lead as they face off with Washington and Washington State this week. They'll get WSU at a great time because they're looking to rebound from their recent struggles against the rest of the conference. UCLA just needs to continue to play with the desire they've shown the last couple of games and they ought to be fine.

Washington: Their lack of a talented, athletic guard continues to haunt them. Brockman is a true beast inside, but without a guard that can cut to the basket their offense will continue to struggle. I love the match-up of Love vs. Brockman this week, but that's the only area that Washington stands any chance. They'll get torn up by both SoCal schools defenses and won't be able to handle the athleticism of their opponents this week. Not an easy week to face when you're looking at pulling yourself out of the 9th spot in the conference.

Washington State: They've been struggling fiercely lately. Their only win recently is against the hapless Sun Devils which was by the skin of their teeth. Their defense better show up with fury if they want to even stay with seven against the surging UCLA team. WSU needs to at least pick up a split this weekend with USC and UCLA, but with the rising momentum of the SoCal schools, and the recent stumblings of their own it's going to be tough.

The Conference race is really starting to shape up this week. UCLA, Stanford, Arizona, and USC will be looking to extend their seperation from the bottom half of the conference. WSU will look to regain their confidence as they're a shell of their early season demeanor. And everyone else is looking to turn things around in an uphill battle. This week will either provide more seperation in the conference, or muddle everyone together even further... should be interesting!

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PAC-10 Power Rankings - 01/21/2008

1. (+1) WSU (4-1):  Looked impressive coming from behind against Oregon, completely man-handled Oregon State.

2. (-1) UCLA (4-1): That home loss to USC hurts, but they’re still top of the PAC.

3. (+1) Stanford (4-2): They weren’t impressive in either of their wins, but they got the job done and protected their home floor.

4. (+2) UofA (2-3): That road loss to Stanford was close, especially considering how poorly they shot. Put up a great team effort against CAL and showed that they can win on the road even when over-matched down low.

5. (-2) OU (3-3): The loss against WSU was expected, until they started the game 12-2 but couldn’t keep it up. A loss to Washington hurts, even if it is on the road.

6. (+2) USC (2-3): I had a hard time not putting them in the 5 spot because that win over UCLA was impressive. Until they can show that it’s not a one game occurrence they don’t belong in the top half of the conference.

7. (-2) ASU (4-1): Tied for first in the standings, but have gotten there by fortunate timing to face UA and OU, and it took double-overtime to beat CAL, and they were worthless without Pendergraph against Stanford. They began to unravel this week and soon enough will prove that they are the most overrated team in the country.

8. (+1) UW (2-3): Looked impressive holding home court over Oregon by tripping up the streaky Ducks, but they got lucky against Oregon State. Fortunately for them CAL did worse than they did, otherwise they’d still hold the #9 spot.

9. (-2) CAL (2-4): Getting swept by the Arizona schools on their home court is no way to stay competitive in the PAC-10. They’re fighting for one of the last spots in the conference tournament.

10. (0) OSU (0-6): No surprise they lost two more. That game against Washington was a heart breaker. Gives you the idea that at one point they’ll pull of a huge upset in Corvallis.

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