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Posted on: February 28, 2008 7:59 pm

Bobby Knight's NCAA Tourney Preview

When Bobby Knight quickly ushered out of his coaching job, there were jesting statements made around the message boards that he was going to become an analyst. Afterall, what better place for a hall-of-fame coach with flare to wind up, right? So much to the chagrin of some, and it has happened. Knight will be announcing games televised by ESPN.  I'm excited about this, not because I care what he has to say or think that he'll bring some sort of new insight to announcing basketball games, but because it is going to be hysterical. Knight was a loose cannon as a coach, and now with only the FAA (and the ESPN bias) to hold him back, he's going to be hysterical!

Here are six things I look forward to seeing during his broadcasting times.

6. Hitting Jay Bilas in the back of the head with the note cards because he can't say anything logical and put aside his homeristic ideas about Duke.
5. "Grabbing the camera man because he keeps focusing on the other guys
4. Grabbing Jay Bilas by the jugular and utterly demeaning him stating that "you're a worthless anouncer and a fourth grader with a speach impediment could do the play-by-play on a pick and roll better!"
3. Promptly reminding Steve Lavin that he's not the coach at UCLA anymore, and they fired him because he sucked!
2. Swearing from tip off to the final buzzer during any Indiana game about how he never should've been fired.
1. Watching him get fed up with Duke Vitale screaming "Baby" into his ear all game long and promptly throwing him into midcourt.

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