Posted on: April 15, 2008 4:50 pm
Edited on: April 16, 2008 3:55 pm

Top 10 NFL Games in 2008

**Games are listed in chronological order.**

  1. Vikings at Packers (09/08)

    A division rivalry game the first week of the season? Should be a great test for what should be an improved offensive line for the Vikings. The Favre-less Packers will have a brutal test right out of the gate. This game could set the tone for their entire season.
  2. Steelers at Browns (09/14) 

    Cleveland was a bit of a surprise last year. The Steelers tapered off towards the end. Should be a good early-season match-up between the tied victors of last years AFC North Champs
  3. Cowboys at Packers  (09/21)

    Last year's game was one for the ages. Even without Favre, the Packers are still a formidable foe with that tenacious defense.
  4. Patriots at Chargers (10/12)

    LT should be back to bowling over defenses again this year, and with his personal vendetta against the Patriots and Bill Bilichek, it should prove to be an electric atmosphere. Could be a preview to the playoffs.
  5. Giants at Steelers(10/26) 

    Reigning Superbowl Champs vs. a tough Steelers team with tons of pop. Get your abacus ready to tally how many times Eli will hit the floor.
  6. Patriots at Colts (11/02)

    Is any list complete without this game? Could be another AFC Championship preview, but more importantly it will be a rematch for a great late-season game in 2007. In a game that was decided in the final minutes, the Colts were playing with multiple injuries to their offensive and defensive lines. Provided everyone is healthy, could the Colts turn that late game decision around?
  7.  Colts at Steelers (11/09) 

    Big Ben vs. Peyton. This will be a collosal match-up in all regards. Both teams bring the full package at every position, but have completely different styles. Which will pay off, the agile Colts or the smash-mouth Steelers?
  8.  Colts at Chargers (11/23)  

    Is it just me or does Indi have a really tough schedule this year? Can the Colts contain Meriman? Can the Chargers contain Peyton?
  9. Steelers at Patriots (11/30) 

    Indi isn't the only team that has a tough schedule. It makes for great games, but the Steelers have a rough schedule this year. They can handle it, and by this time, barring injuries, they'll be battle ready for this game. If the Pats are undefeated going in, I don't like their chances coming out the same way.
  10. Giants at  Cowboys (12/14)

    Cowboys won both 2007 regular season face-offs, but the Giants took the playoff game. This late-season match-up could prove to be the deciding factor in the NFC East race. Rivalry, late season, and playoff hopes all on the line. Doesn't get much better than this.

Games to Miss

Patriots at  Jets (09/14) 

How can you want to miss the '08 version of SpyGate?! Oh yeah, because the Jets don't stand a chance even if the Patriots don't figure out another way to cheat.

Cardinals atPatriots (12/21)

The Patriots after going 18-1 are primed for another year just like that. The NFL has scheduled a bunch of cup-cakes for 'em, including this game. Unless Billicek feels like giving the Arizona fans a Christmas gift, this will be a route.

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