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Posted on: January 15, 2008 2:02 pm

Zona Roster Breakdown: Power Forwards

Power Forwards:

Jordan Hill: Just like Jerryd Bayless, Hill is primarily playing out of position. He is truly a power forward but has been playing Center. For his breakdown check out the list for Centers.

Bret Brielmaier: Brielmaier is one of Arizona's most consistent players. While he lacks the height and athletic ability of most power forwards he consistently has a positive influence on the game. Brielmaier isn't the greatest offensive or defensive player, while he does a capable job of both, those are not his forte'. Brielmaier plays good mistake free basketball. He plays hard every game and hustles to loose balls, and has an incredible basketball IQ. He is a Eugene Edgerson type of player who won't overpower you, but makes good plays and can knock down the occassional shot with decent range up to about 12 feet.

Fendi Onubon: Onubon is another player who won't over power you or demand a lot of defensive attention. He plays hard, is a good rebounder, and won't be run over by opponents. He has a bit more athleticism than Breilmaier and can create a shot every now and then. Onubon is more of a liabilty when he handles the ball and makes some mental errors. Defensively he's provides size (not height) but leaves a lot to be desired from the defensive perspective.

Mohamed Tangara: Tangara hasn't gotten much PT this year due to injuries. He's an average player on both ends of the floor. But if you need someone to bang people around and go after loose balls, he's the guy you want. He's also got 5 fouls to give, and he can give 'em hard.

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