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Posted on: February 11, 2008 1:19 am

PAC-10 Power Rankings

1. UCLA (E): They split this week, which wasn't a far cry. Unfortunately it was the let down game they lost. They played tough and outlasted WSU in Pullman on Thursday. But come Saturday they faultered against Washington. The loss dropped them back into a first place tie with Stanford in the standings.  They aren't infallable, and Washington showed it. They're still the #1 team in the conference without a doubt though.

2. Stanford (E): Talk about being steady and rock-hard. These guys just keep it rolling. They've now won 7 straight, and don't seem to be slowing down at all. The longer their success continues the more you have to think these guys are a front runner for a deep run in the tournament. Not many teams can match up down low with the depth that WSU has on the front line. Not even UCLA or Georgetown. Don't know if these guys will fall out of the Top 10 now that they're there.

3. WSU (+2): Snapped their losing streak with a beat down of USC this past week. They snapped it with a 24 point win over USC. They returned to form and should start climbing back up in the polls againI don't see them losing more than 1 game the rest of the season (against Stanford). Watch out for WSU to keep things rolling.

4. Arizona (-1): I was trying to debate putting them 4 or 5, and ultimately decided the 4 is the spot for them. The loss of Nic Wise is huge, as portrayed by the blown game against ASU. Losing their only game of the week after being blown out on the road against UCLA isn't a good sign. Especially in a game you should've won. They've lost their swagger and confidence. They better hope the bleeding stops here.

5. USC (-1): I debated putting them above Arizona, but they got their tails handed to them by Washington State. That game was never close. They have more of an upside than Arizona does right now because they don't have the same injuries. But their 10 point loss to Arizona isn't very far removed and they have lost 2 of their last 4. Before I get too much grief for this one, it's also due in part to that wonderful TimSmith1111 coming onto the Zona board and making an utter tool of himself.

6. Oregon (+1):Their win over Cal was huge. They've now got momentum going in to face the Washington schools. Oregon is still dangerous and has all the pieces to put together a great second half run. Keep your eye on this team. They'll need to win 3 of their next 4 which is no small order because that means that they'll have to pull off an upset over Washington State or UCLA. Should be interesting.

7. Washington (+1)- They made headlines this week with a 10 point upset win over UCLA. I don't know if anyone outside of huge Washington fans saw this one coming. Brockman is a true beast, and they might have put something together to keep them out of the dreaded 9 or 10 spots in the conference. They have underperformed so far this year. I don't see them getting anymore upsets this year, but they'll be competitive.

8. California (-2): That loss to Oregon was bad.... correction, horrible. Their defensive inabilities are coming out more and more. They won't be able to work on that this year, so we'll see what kind of changes they can come up with in the offseason. They can have Kevin O'neill for all I care...

9. Arizona State (E): I have to give props to ASU for getting their first sweep of Arizona since 1995. The fact they still haven't moved up, despite their win this week, isn't because I'm bitter. It's because outside of OSU they're the only team in the conference that hasn't beaten one of the top three, UCLA, WSU, or Stanford. They've had some bad losses, as have been getting handed out over the past few weeks to teams all across the PAC-10, and no significant wins. Until they can pick up a quaility conference win they're not going anywhere.

10. Oregon State (E): Oh, they're still a team? My bad. Jay John... now that you're not busy do you want to come back to Arizona and help out? I think you could do a better job in the coaching department than K.O.

Posted on: February 4, 2008 2:44 am

Pac-10 Power Rankings - 02/03/2008

  1. UCLA (E): Not only does it look like they took a strangle hold on the conference, but they also looked like the best team in the nation. They made both of the Arizona schools look bad as they are finally healthy and playing nearly perfect team basketball. They're heating up, and next week they'll face the ice-cold WSU Cougars.
    Trends: 4-1 in their last 5.
  2. Stanford (+1): That was a gutsy OT win on the road over WSU. They're the only team in the conference to roll off 5 straight wins this year. They've been close, but a sign of a great team is to be able to come through in close games. They're staying on the heels of UCLA, and chances are they're the only team that still has a chance to take it from them (or tie). They've got the OU schools next week, and one of their two losses came against Oregon earlier this year.
    Trends: Won 5 Straight.
  3. Arizona (-1): They split the games on an incredibly difficult road trip. They looked solid on all sides against USC. That game against UCLA was absolutely awful. They were completely dead in the water during the first half, and despite shooting phenomenally in the second half they never had enough energy or ability to come back from that big. If that had been a home game they probably would've dropped 3 or 4 spots, but it was a tough road game and they did pull off the W against USC. They will have a chance to rebound and get vengeance for another loss at the end of next week when they host their state rival, ASU.
    Trends: 4-1 in their last 5 - lost their last game.
  4. USC (+1): They split at home, and I typically don't like to move people up in the rankings without pulling off the upset if they lose one at home. They lost a tough one against UofA, as their inability to close out a game came back to haunt them. They made short order of the ever-declining ASU Sun Devils though. They'll have a tough road trip this week as they face a team whose back is to the wall, and another who is looking to turn things back around.
    Trends: 4-1 in their last 5.
  5. WSU (-1): Getting swept at home typically deserves a bigger drop, but I think these guys will rebound, and one of the losses was to a superior Stanford team. They stayed close in each of their games. Cal isn't as bad as their record. But WSU better turn it around if they don't want to slip even further. They'll have a hard time turning it around as they've got UCLA & USC coming to town next week.
    Trends: 3-2 in their last 5 - lost 3 of 4
  6. Cal (+2): Getting a sweep on the road against the Washington schools is a nice way to pull yourself out of the cellar. Their second half record will be better than the first half. These kids are moving up, especially as nobody has an answer for Anderson. They can extend their streak this week against the floundering Oregon schools.
    Trends: 2-3 in their last 5 - won their last two.
  7. Oregon (E): They did a nice job making short order of their state rivals, Oregon State. That's not enough to move them up, especially over what Cal did this week. But at least it was enough to keep them where they were since Washington dropped two, and ASU is doing worse than they are.
    Trends: 1-4 in their last 5 - won their last one.
  8. Washington (-1): They never had a chance at protecting their hom court this past week. Best they could've done was get a split if they beat Cal. They need to become more consistent, otherwise they won't make the conference tournament. They've got a tough task when they host the LA schools this week.
    Trends: 2-3 in their last 5 - Lost 3 straight
  9. Arizona State (E): I know they weren't expected to win either of their games, but a 33 point blasting isn't good. They've dropped 5 straight, something that wasn't expected out of any team in the conference (OSU excluded). Their tailspin continues, and it's not getting any easier. They'll go on the road to face a scorned Arizona team. ASU had a tough time coming away with a win as they hosted Arizona, with Bayless sidelined with an injury, last month. Tall order for them to go on the road and face a healthy Arizona team and get a win.
    Trends: Lost 5 straight.
  10. Oregon State (E): Despite how bad Washington and Arizona State have been, there's no chance for OSU to climb out of this spot unless they roll of 6 or 7 straight wins.
    Trends: Lost 5 straight.
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